Saturday, March 30, 2013


For those who know me, you know I don't like bugs. I can handle a single bug on my own but don't want them in large amounts. Today was the equivalent of a horror movie for me.

Last night at 2 a.m. we had some severe storms blow through which woke me up. I had slept with my windows open since the weather was nice and needed to close them. Then I went to my living room and opened the sliding glass door and made sure the screen was closed good. This allowed me to keep my apartment cool and the rain out. I finally fell back asleep about an hour later. At this time, everything seemed fine (I could be wrong about that).

When I finally woke up I wasn't very motivated to do anything so I decided to lay in bed and read. After awhile, I went into my bathroom and noticed a couple of small weird bugs on my floor. I didn't think anything of it and killed them. Later I went back to the bathroom and noticed a couple more bugs. Again I killed them but started looking around to see if I could tell where they were coming from. I pulled back my shower curtain and almost died. My whole tub was filled with these little bugs!!!!! I didn't scream but really wanted to. I grabbed cleaning spray and started killing them with that. Then I rinsed them down the drain and started looking around the bathroom more. I just kept finding these little bugs everywhere. I, of course, was disgusted. At this point I decided it would take me scrubbing the bathroom down and hoping they would all die.

After the deep cleaning, which included a tip I had pinned from Pinterest of putting 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain and following it with 1/2 cup of white vinegar then pouring boiling water to flush it all down, I still found 2 or 3 small bugs around the bathroom.

Now I have spent the rest of the day checking around my apartment to make sure the bugs didn't go to any other room and cleaning. I have no idea if the bugs came in through the drain, wall, windows, or somewhere else in the apartment, but I really don't want to go through another horror movie experience. In a way I wish I had taken a picture of the bugs in the tub, but I wouldn't want anyone else to have to live that horror even through pictures.

If you have any suggestions for me please feel free to leave them in the comments. I NEVER want to go through anything like that again.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long time no write....

Well, I realized recently that it has been over a year since I last posted anything on here. I'm not sure if that means that I've really been that busy or if I've just gotten lazy about updating since Facebook keeps so much of the same info that I would put here.

I have had some big changes in the last year. I moved into my own apartment and have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. I live about 10 minutes from the school I work at now and that makes it great on getting ready for work in the morning.

This first year in the new school has been hectic and I know this next year will be as well. With a student body of over 1,000 students it is really hard to learn names. I didn't even realize that 2 boys in 3rd grade were twins until late April when I called one by the other's name. Next year will be a little better with between 700-800 students but we will have PK-5th grade now. Next year will also get crazy in the spring semester because of preparing to move into the new building. I am super excited because I've actually been asked for my input on how to make this library look good and function well for the school.

This summer has been good. I have spent some time resting up, reading materials to help with next year, and having some fun. I plan to keep this more up to date in the future (and if I don't I'll end up taking this blog down.) I will also be working more toward keeping up my other blog about what I've been reading. I have read a lot of new books this summer and would recommend a few of them as excellent. Look for reviews of them to come soon on my other blog.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

And the waiting is over...

As of a few weeks ago I officially have a job (with a signed contract). The last part is what was keeping me from posting any information before now, plus I was super busy with getting reading to attend my first conference for ALA.

First the new job--

I am going to be working for a school district that is extremely close to my home. My drive will be less than 20 minutes 1 way to school. That is so much better than my 45+ minutes of driving for my last job. This school was also the first to call me for an interview (and the only local school to call me). All of my other job interview calls came after they offered me the job and would have required me to move south of the metroplex. I am excited for the job which will keep me in an elementary library working with PK-3rd grade students. Sounds simple right, well that is until they tell me there are about 1,100 students on this one campus!!! Everyone I have told that part to has freaked out. If they are freaking out how do you think I feel? I am excited but still a little apprehensive as well but know that it won't always be that way at this school. They are building a new campus (opens either in 2013 or 2014) and will decrease the student body to about 700 which is still more than I have ever worked with but a little more manageable. Somehow I have a feeling that all of the students will be called "honey", "sweety", or "dear" for most of the year. But I know I will succeed in this job!!

As for ALA, I had a fabulous time but know that my mom and sister had way more fun getting to visit the sites than I did. The one thing I will say about the convention center is that whoever designed it was insane!!!! It was 1/2 mile from one end to the other. That doesn't sound bad until you realize that you are walking back and forth 3-4 times during each day. I will definitely say I got my walking in while I was there and have spent the last few days recuperating from all the "fun" I had while I was there. I had a lot of fun and will post more about authors and books that I got while there at a later time.

Monday, May 9, 2011

There may be hope...

I had an interview today in my current district for the position that is being created to replace all of the librarians. I'm not sure how well it went but I think I did okay. The committee of 6 teachers and administrators asked questions that I expected but also threw a few curve balls at me. After comparing notes with a colleague that also interviewed we had many of the same questions but a few that they just randomly threw at each of us. The job posting doesn't close until this Friday so I'm sure we won't hear anything for at least another week.

In 2 weeks I have another interview in a district that is closer to where I live. This would be a "regular" school librarian position in an elementary school and would be the job I would pick if given the choice between the two. My only hope is they are looking for someone with fresh ideas for their school.

I have applied for every position in the state that deals with school libraries so hopefully something will good will come from all of this. I have even ventured outside of the state to apply for a few positions if it looked like I might be able to afford to live in the area of the school.

I will keep you updated as to how the job hunting is going just keep checking in!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Looking, looking, looking.....

I have started job hunting seriously. I really want to remain a librarian (even if it isn't in a school setting). I was directed to a search engine that specifies in job searches and have searched every state in the United States to find a total of about 15 school library positions. This depresses me but I know I will be applying for every one of these positions!! I have made the decision already that if I have to move out of state for a job then by all means let me move. I know it will be hard to be away from family but this could be a good thing as well. Please keep me informed if you come across any school library positions in a district near you!

Now I am off to work on my taxes before heading out of town this week!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jobless and Hunting

Last Tuesday night our school board met, and I felt it important to be there since we (all of the people in the district) knew that the announcement of which programs to cut would be made. I arrived early and chatted with some friends thinking even if they decide to cut librarians I would probably be safe. Well that all went out the window about halfway through the meeting. It was announced that 5 programs would be cut: art at the middle school, high school french, DAEP administration, libraries, and elementary GT. At this point my jaw hit the table I was sitting at and became furious. I was sitting with one of the other librarians and she burst into tears. I held it together long enough to hear they will rewrite the job description and higher 1 person to oversee the entire library program for the district which is 5 schools with 6 libraries (the middle school is kind of 2 campuses with 2 libraries). After hearing this, I got up and left the meeting in order to have a complete breakdown. I continued to cry the entire way home (about 1 hours drive) and most of the night until I fell asleep. Along the way I shared the info with my family and then had to give all the details when I got home. About 10:00 that night I received an email from my principal that he needed to meet with me first thing the next morning.

The next day at school was one of the worst because I was having the book fair in the library and a lot of the teachers kept stopping by to ask how I was doing. I tried to keep up a brave face but broke down several times throughout the day. After getting through the major rush of students during the morning, I went to meet with the principal. He proceeded to read the district prepared statement to me stating that because the program I work in was cut I would not be receiving a renewal contract this year. He then gave me my options which are to resign and possibly get the incentive money for resigning or receive a notice of non-renewal of my contract which could keep me from getting future jobs. He then went on to tell me that the district would be creating the 1 job of a district librarian for next year and he wants me to apply for it. He even suggested I research how to approach the job and be prepared to fit for the job when the interview process began. I told him I would apply and needed to think about the resignation. I went to my office had another good cry and called my mom to let her know. After about 2 hours I decided that resigning and having a chance at the incentive money (1% of my salary for the year) just for losing my job.

After filling out my paperwork at central administration I spoke with the superintendent for a few minutes and went back to campus to work for the rest of the day. This last week and a half has been an emotional roller coaster! After filling out the paperwork I began job hunting. I did it on school time just because I was depressed and quickly found out that there are NO POSITIONS anywhere!! I know the state is in financial trouble but this is getting ridiculous. How are the children in our schools going to get a quality education?

While it may seem that I am more upset about losing my job than anything (which I think anyone would be). I am more concerned with what the future leaders of our country will be like once the education system proceeds to make so many cuts when there is a fund here in Texas (the rainy day fund) that has money to keep this from happening.

But if anyone happens across a teaching or librarian position (anywhere it doesn't have to be in Texas) please pass the word along to me so I can check in to it. The one thing I can say is thank God I didn't purchase the house I was hoping to get or I would definitely be in a pickle!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Before I get started, don't get me wrong I love my job! I get to interact with students every single day and watch them get excited about reading. These last few weeks finally getting to teach the 5th graders again have been fun. They even occasionally ask my opinion about books!!

I am very stressed due to the economic issues our district as well as all of the districts in Texas are facing for the next few years. I have already been informed that my job is on the line, but the nice thing is they will have to place me in another position in the district since I am no longer on a probationary contract. I am hopeful that I will still have a job in the library (since this is what I worked hard for for about 2 years) and because I LOVE being in this setting. I know many things will change no matter what in the next year or two but I am praying that God will lead me in the right direction.

On thought I have had is working on my writing skills so that I can eventually try to get published as a children's author. I have several book ideas floating around and will share more if anything ever comes of the writing aspect of my life.

To any of my friends and family that may read this, please know that I love your help and support and HOPE to still be able to find a house of my own in the very near future. I also know that many who read this will understand and possibly be in the same situation as me. To those of you like me: my wish is for you to work your hardest and prove to your school that they can't do without you. Just know that it takes a lot more than just showing up each day to be an excellent teacher and I know you are!!

Good luck to all,